The "COOLER Games"

Join us Aug 27–31 for the South Island CrossFit “COOLER GAMES”. This is a week for our athletes & members to celebrate what they can do, discover their fitness level, and cheer each other to do things we didn’t know we could accomplish. This promises to be a great week at our little gym.

So what are the cooler Games?

It is a week of BINGO and Crossfit. As we have identified benchmark workouts and performances over the last couple months, we have compiled them into a BINGO board to give you a test so you can see how your fitness level has improved and how it stacks up to others in our gym. Once the games are over, we will post the top five scores for each performance in the hallway as you walk into the gym.

How will the classes work?

As a SIC member you are used to coming into the gym, going through the warm-up, and then having your coach guide you through your skill & metcon. This week you will come to the gym, warm up, and you will look at the BINGO board and you will have to choose which performances to work on during your class hour. Your goals for the week are YOUR goals, however, you should know there are opportunities for prizes.

  • If you get a BINGO (five performances in a row: up, down, diagonal), your name will be put into a hat for a drawing. At the end of the week we’ll draw three names for those prizes which include: gift cards to Pickle’s Deli, Nuun tablets, Jump ropes. ($15 value)
  • If you get a BLACKOUT by the end of the week (Completing every performance), your name will be put into a hat for a different drawing—a prize basket. At the end of the week we’ll draw two names for two different baskets. Basket #1 includes: Pickle’s Deli gift card, Jump Rope, Wrist Wraps, and Nuun tablets ($60 value). Basket #2 includes: Pickle’s Deli gift card, Jump rope, Nuun Tablets ($35 value)

How do you Qualify for a Prize

  1. You must be a SIC member.
  2.  You must attempt the workout to check it off.
  3.  You must record your scores into Wodify. (I can’ stress this one enough)
  4.  Remember the prizes are not based on how you rank against other members, but whether you tried and entered your score.


We have two boards this week. Below this text you can see the images that show what performances you can choose from. Please note that one of the images is for our adaptive athletes. Remember, everything we do can be scaled to your level and adapted to your injuries or health status. 


In each BINGO box there are three lines of text. 

  • The first line is your classic Bingo number that lines up with each column. The columns represent categories: B = Weight Lifting, I = Max Reps, N = Cardio, G = Girls, O = Hundreds. The middle STAR is your free space. But nothing in CrossFit is free. You have to earn that one too. 
  • The second line is the name of the performance.
  • The third line is the performance ID.

When you come to class and sign in, you will have the opportunity to enter the performances each day that you want to do. In WODIFY you can do this after you sign in. Under your name there is a link to “Add Performance.” The screen will pop up asking you to choose a category. You’ll want to choose the “METCON” category. Then type in the performance ID on the third line, and the performance will come up. Then when you finish your performance, enter your score.

To Summarize

This is a friendly, fun week that is meant to celebrate what you are able to accomplish. I hope you enjoy challenging yourself and discovering your level of fitness. In a couple months, we’ll try this again. We’ll randomize the board based on the previous months and test your fitness level again. The idea for this week is for you to record your scores and measurements so you can see how you improve. You can also update your Body Measurements in Wodify so you can see how CrossFit is improving your life. 

So have a blast this week. Everyone should walk out of the gym encouraged and with a sense of satisfaction about what was accomplished in the box. I’m looking forward to seeing how you all do.