Getting Started is easy…'s some insight into your first experience at South Island Crossfit.

We designed our on-ramp program for individuals new to CrossFit style workouts. This 6-class deal teaches you some of the fundamental movements of CrossFit, along with ways you can modify workouts to fit your intensity and fitness needs. Each day of class is tailored specifically so that once you complete the sessions you’ll be ready to join our regular classes. Our goal in coaching you through the on-ramp is to introduce you to different workout styles and get you comfortable with the exercises you’ll experience in a typical class. We’re confident that you can reap great health benefits from our fitness program.


$35 + tax
Get a taste of great coaching and experience our supportive community.

Limited Class Times Available

MWF @ 11:00a & 12:00p

Expires 2 Weeks from your start

Get a 10% Discount
Attend at least 5 on-ramp classes and save on your first 3-month contract.

Schedule a consultation

Help us understand your journey—where you've been and what you want to achieve. We want to get you on the path for success.

Get Signed up

Once we can dialogue about our schedules, we'll set you up with your 6-class membership which will introduce you to the exercises you'll experience at South Island CrossFit.

Get Going

Once you finish your program, you'll have the option to choose from any of our class offerings and enjoy the path to a healthier, fitter lifestyle your new fitness family!


How do I know if I'm ready for CrossFit?

If you are reading this, you're ready. We start right where you are and guide you through the process of becoming a healthier you.

What do I need to bring on my first day?

A willingness to change and a smile on your face. OK, practically you can bring some water and make sure you eat 1-2 hours before your first session.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes you can move in. Possibly layers if it's cold outside. Regarding shoes, no yard work shoes or work boots (hahaha). Wear something your feet are comfortable moving in.

How old do I have to be?

13 years to 101 years young. If you fall in that category you are welcome to join us! We have an awesome kids CrossFit Class for younger kids.

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