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Our CrossFit classes are the best. At each class hour we aim to provide you with the best workout of your life. In the first 10 to 15 minutes of class you’ll have time to work through our warm up or get loose on your own. Sometimes we do a group warm-up if the class if filling up. Then for the next 10 to 15 minutes of class you’ll get an opportunity work on a skill or strength (It will be provided on the black board). In the main portion of class you’ll experience our METCON which can range anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes. We often get asked “What does METCON stand for?”  It’s short for metabolic conditioning. In this portion of class you will experience a movement circuit or a high intensity conditioning to prepare you for your life. At the close of class you can finish with a light cool down to help your joints and muscles come back to a resting state.

CrossFit Teens

Our teen classes are for those ages 13 to 18. The cost of our teen membership is just $55 a month. It’s a great way to build your conditioning and strength for sports. We find that it is an even better way to help teens learn about positive body image, personal health, and self-awareness. This class encourages friendships & camaraderie. We point teens to consider an others-first mentality. 

Weekend Partner/Team Workouts

If you join us Saturday or Sunday at 9:00am, you will experience one of our partner or team workouts. During these class times you will get paired with up to a team of 4 people and together you will work together to chip away through a series of movements. These class times are some of our most well attended classes because people enjoy challenging each other. They find they do more than the expected because of the community that is built. 


Our new RPM NOW class is a 30-minute class focused on cardio, conditioning, and core strength. We think 30+ minutes doing any one exercise gets old fast. So in this class you will mix up your conditioning between a variety of circuits that include: riding, rowing, skiing, running, walking, battle roping, etc. These are CrossFit style classes without the big weights. It is the type of class that will help you put your fitness priority back into your busy schedule. You can take a lunch break, get your workout in, and still make it back to your desk to clock in.

Masters Class

Our Masters class is oriented to the 55+ demographic here on Whidbey Island. At this class you will do the same Workout of the Day that the other CrossFit classes, but this class is tailored for the silver sneakers in our community that need to walk instead of run and do jumping jacks instead of jumping rope. If you want to overcome your struggle to climb the stairs or build your strength so that you can get up when you fall, this is great group of people to be part of. Everyone helps each other out and everyone finishes. 

OPen Gym

The best times to come for open gym are 9:00am M/W/F, 12:00pm on M/F, and 4:15p on Tue/Thur. These times give you the best opportunity to work on your own fitness program. A coach is still available at each of these class times, but will be focused on the group class. 

If you are coming as a Drop-in, please message at least a day in advance.